At DeVry Education Group, we are committed to providing our students with an excellent education. We accomplish that mission in part by having vendors that provide high quality goods and services. The goal of our Supply Management Organization is to offer total value through our vendor relationships to DeVry Group's family of institutions and, through these institutions, to our students. Total value combines timely deliveries, superior service, competitive pricing and innovative ideas.  

On this section of the DeVry Group website are the policies, terms and practices required for all vendors. Organizations interested in becoming a vendor to DeVry Group and its family of institutions will find an application to complete for our consideration. The Supply Management Policy and Vendor Code of Conduct must be read and adhered to by DeVry Group and its vendors. They reflect DeVry Groupís commitment to the highest ethical standards. The Terms and Conditions allow for building solid relationships with our vendors.


The Supply Management Organization brings total value to the DeVry Group family of institutions and their students by applying our skills and experience to the procurement of goods and services.

We fulfill our mission by forming mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors. The relationships combine DeVry Groupís demand for quality, cost effectiveness and ethical business practices with our vendorsí willingness and ability to provide those elements.


DeVry Group's Supply Management Organization is located at:

DeVry Education Group
3005 Highland Parkway
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515-5799

Hours of operation for the Supply Management Organization are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. central time, Monday-Friday.


The members of the Supply Management Organization meet with vendors by appointment only. Cold calls and visits without a specific purpose will not be honored. The Vendor Introduction Form is the method for informing the Supply Management Organization of a vendor's capabilities.


After completion and submittal of the Vendor Introduction Form, the vendor's information will be reviewed for applicability to DeVry Group's needs and requirements. The vendors will either be contacted shortly thereafter if immediate needs exist, or the vendors' information will be retained for future use. DeVry Group is under no obligation to (a) contact a vendor or (b) form a business relationship with a vendor because the Vendor Introduction Form was submitted.


The Supply Management Policy and Vendor Code of Conduct provide details on DeVry Group's business requirements. The following summaries are highlighted for emphasis.

Legal Compliance
DeVry Group expects our vendors to comply with all applicable laws, including laws related to employment practices, discrimination, environment, and health and safety. Vendors who violate such laws will be replaced.

Data Privacy
Protecting the privacy of our students' data is a top priority for DeVry Group, and we have implemented strict data privacy practices. Vendors that must be provided access to students' data are responsible to preserve the integrity, security and confidentiality of all such data.

DeVry Group does not allow its vendors to publicize its relationship with DeVry Group or its institutions, nor to display the DeVry Group logo, or those of its institutions, unless specifically allowed to do so under written approval. Such approval is for one purpose and one use and is not transferrable to other uses.

Vendors may not offer any gratuity, gift, favor or advantage to any DeVry Group colleague. Exceptions to this policy are business meals and marketing items such as pens, calendars and advertising items of low cost.

DeVry Group is proud to serve a culturally and ethnically diverse student population.  We are committed to diversity among the vendors we choose to provide products and services to our students and to our organization.

All vendors claiming minority, women and disabled status must submit certification from organizations qualified to validate vendorsí diverse status.   DeVry Group will accept certifications from numerous organizations, especially the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC),, and the Womenís Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC),